Dr. Opinion

Second opinions are crucial for patients who are diagnosed with serious dental conditions that may require expensive and invasive procedures. Often times, even the most skilled and experienced practitioners  can disagree on the simplest diagnosis and  treatment plan, resulting in inconsistent outcomes. And with no convenient alternative, patients desiring second opinions often have to endure the painstaking search for another dentist willing to provide a second opinion. Dr. Opinion solves this problem by connecting patients with dentists for second opinions on demand from the comfort and convenience of their phone.

My role

As the lead designer, I was responsible for researching, creating, and designing a spin off iOS app from Laguro, which will be geared towards new user acquisition. I worked closely with a group of dentists, patients from local dental clinics, and our engineering and AI teams.

Understanding the landscape

To understand the nature and usage of x-rays in the modern-era dental clinic, and identify design opportunities, I visited several dental offices to observe how diagnoses are made in real life.

Convenient second opinions

During our research, we realized that when it came to major dental procedures, patients showed overwhelming interest in receiving a second opinion, provided that it was fast, convenient, and would not unnecessarily prolong their discomfort. Most of our target users searched for second opinion sources using their mobile phone, or the App Store. To meet this user behavior, we decided to build an IOS app rather than a web platform.

Major takeaways

For patients

  • ➭ Most patients forget to ask their dentist for their x-rays after the consultation.
  • ➭ Patients are concerned if the diagnosis is correct, especially for major procedures.
  • ➭ Time is of the essence and is a key source of  anxiety for patients who have serious or painful oral issues.

For dentists

Solution Benchmark


Dentists ask additional questions after analyzing the x-rays.


Ask users similar probing questions that dentists routinely ask to appropriately diagnose before allowing x-rays to be uploaded.


Patients feel more convinced when there are more than one opinion.


Source second opinions from multiple dentists to increase diagnostic accuracy and build patient trust.


Patients typically need to request x-rays from their primary dentist.


Give users the option to ask their primary dentist to upload the user's x-rays with step-by-step instructions.

1. Onboarding flow

The splash screen and onboarding flow gives users a brief introduction to the app.

3. Questionnaire

While talking to the dentists about the necessary information to make an accurate diagnosis, we learned that asking additional questions were critically important.

The most challenging part was phrasing and structuring the right questions in a way that anyone could easily comprehend. We also included a text input area where users are able to add additional concerns and notes that are personal to that user.

4. Upload x-ray

In addition to the questionnaire, users are asked to upload their x-rays. Most of the time, patients forget to ask for a copy of their x-rays. We decided to add an option to request the dentist to upload the x-rays through our app on behalf of the user.

Case 1. When report is ready for view.

4. View second opinion report

When the second opinions are collected and reviewed by dentists, the report is ready for view (Case 1).

The challenges here were figuring out what type of information the dentists would be providing, and presenting that information to the patient in a user-friendly way.

Case 2. When report is pending

If the report is pending, users are brought to a status page where they can monitor and keep track of where they stand in the process (Case 2).


Although this MVP is reliant on real dentists providing the second opinions, our goal is to implement AI so that it could eventually run alone. Our AI team is currently working on the backend, and we will continue to improve the design to fit the AI model and usability in the near future.


Engineers: Willian Leite, Daniel Takabayashi
Dentists: William Choi, Andrew Doan, Ngan Tran